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I’ve seen pretty amazing things made out of washi tape, so I didn’t really need another reason to fall in love with it even more. But I sure did when I found this DIY! Washi wallpaper, why didn’t I think of that?! It’s very easy and since one wall looks best, it doesn’t have to be super time consuming.

One wall will cost you about 2 rolls of washi tape. And washi tape is pretty cheap, so no credit card scare whatsoever. And there’s another plus. Renting a room/apartment/house, or whatever can be a real pain in the ass. As you can’t always do whatever the hell you want with it. Well, washi tape to the rescue! Because this stuff comes off, as easy as it gets on.

Who else is excited about this?! If you are, you might want to head over to Emily’s blog, ‘cuz I’m sure there’s more where this came from…





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The first spring weekend is in full throttle you guys! And all I can think of at this point is summer. I can’t wait for cut-off denims, long days at the beach and bare legs. Not to mention smiling people everywhere and finally being able to wear my favorite basic tees again. Therefore I decided to prepare a super summer ish inspiration post, ‘cuz even staring at these pictures makes me happy already. And I hope they’ll do the exact same thing for you!

How did you spend the first days of spring? I started a big spring cleanse and am about half way at this point. Much, much more to do!




21 Mar


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It’s official, spring has sprung! So let’s do a flashback to all of my two thousand thirteen spring looks, because they have the best memories attached to them! Last Spring I scored my first magazine feature, for example. Also, my current social media avatars were shot during that period of time. And so was the photo that has been used for my latest magazine feature.

Last spring I challenged myself. I joined a blogger battle, which I won early summer. Wore leather dungarees and different printed pants, all three of them located on my ever growing ‘to sale’ pile. Sad but true. Also bought some pieces that have been on constant repeat. For instance the green sweater, the striped top and the varsity jacket. So I didn’t do that bad…

All that’s left to say now is cheers to another, even better spring! Let’s hope for more sunshine, more shorts and – dare I say – more outfits? I guess we’ll just have to see about that. But if the weather cooperates, who knows?!





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As from today I’m going back to school for a few weeks. A good excuse to buy pretty, new stationary! As if we need one… and therefore I dedicated this  ‘Got To Love…’ solely to notebooks. Why? ‘Cuz notebooks are my favorite kind of stationary, and I bet they’re yours too. Am I right?

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Acne minded much? While putting this inspiration post together I discovered that one third of the photos selected says Acne quite clearly. But who cares?! It’s a great brand, I love it and it inspires me. Also really dig the beautiful black and white photo and round sunnies, they give my a vintagy feeling. And don’t even get me started on the pistol clutch! I’ve been crazy about it for quite some time now, but somehow never pulled the trigger. Yes, that’s me kidding around with words. Gotta go now, before I get too cheesy…

Enjoy your weekend!