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For my Sunday inspiration posts I mostly attempt to visualize a feeling, a trend, a theme, or whatever else is on my mind. Though this time I created a story in my head. And why not share it with you?! So, this is what it’s about. There’s this girl who goes on a city trip. What for? Last minute Christmas shopping, or reloading her batteries before the holidays kick in. Paris, London, or even New York. Wherever your imagination takes you.

She travels in a super comfy knit and baggy leather pants. And when she finally arrives at the hotel, she immediately starts to unpack her clothes. This will keep them wrinkle free. Sure, in real life you won’t be able to bring this many gorgeous jackets with you on a city trip, but since we’re on an imaginary one we totally can. Fun, no?!

After settling down she goes out for a hot choco or lunch in one of the local cafés. Followed by some sight seeing, shopping, or wandering through unfamiliar streets. Next up is dinner, for which she pulls out a stunning silver jeans and heeled boots. Who she’s going to dine with? I don’t know. It can be a friend, her mom, or her boyfriend. Whoever you pick. It’s your story too!

Now if you would go on a city trip, where would you go? Who would you go with? And what would you do?! I’d definitely go for all of the above, but I’m afraid I don’t have any empty weekends left before Christmas starts knocking on our doors. I don’t really mind though. I enjoy decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping up all of the presents right here quite a lot as well.




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